Tap Valve

A tap valve is a small item within the faucets of your kitchen and bathroom but these items can cause many different problems if they are in good working condition. When these items begin to falter, it is usually because they are dirty or they are broken and you will need to make sure that you open up the system and get rid of the problem because it cause plumbing issues within your home.

Problems Caused by a Faulty Tap Valve

These items can cause a range of problems when they are dirty or broken but one of the most common problems is a leaking tap. If your tap is persistently leaking, you will need to make sure that you open the system up and inspect every part of the tap, including:

  • The washers
  • The cartridges
  • The seating valve

Once you have inspected each piece, you will be able to determine the source of the problem and replace or clean the faulty item.

Opening up the Tap

Before you can inspect any of the tap parts, you will need to make sure that you switch off the water mains so that you can open up the faucet. You will then need to begin unscrewing the tap handle and the body so that you can locate the tap valve just beneath this part. Once you have located this valve you can simply slip it out of the tap piping with your hands or with the help of a set of pliers.

Replacing the Tap Valve

After you have located the tap valve, you will need to pull it out and find a replacement for it. You can take this valve along with you to the hardware store so that they can find you the appropriate replacement for the item. Once you have the replacement you will need to open up the faucet once again, fit the valve in correctly and then put all of the parts back together again.

Cleaning the Item

If, after removing this part, you find that it is in good working condition, you might simply want to give it a good clean. Do not use abrasives on this item; simply use a soft cleaning material and make sure that you rinse the item well when you are done. Once the item has been cleaned, place it in the same position that you found it. Problems can arise simply by placing this valve incorrectly within your tap piping and this might lead you to believe that there is a big problem with your plumbing when, in reality, it is simply an incorrectly position valve.

Testing the Tap Valve

Once you have put the valve back into place you should turn on the water and test the faucet. If the faucet works without presenting a problem, you have resolved the issue. If, however, the faucet continues to leak you might have another problem and this means opening up the faucet and inspecting it once again. It is important to check all components the first time you open the faucet, as this is the perfect time to identify problems without repeatedly opening the system up.

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