Keg Tap Parts

A keg tap is a handy addition to any party as you can serve clean, crisp beer to your friends directly from the keg. Not only does this cut down on how much waste is produced by removing bottles and cans, the beer will also be a lot tastier, as it always is straight from the keg. If you are setting up a keg tap for the first time you should be aware that there are several keg tap parts you will need to be completely functional. These include:

  • A tap nozzle
  • A pipe
  • A keg attachment
  • Some way to pressurize the keg
  • Some way to keep the keg cool

This is just the beginning as there are several choices for each keg tap part.

A Combination of Keg Tap Parts

The most likely part of your keg tap that you will take some time choosing is how you will pressurize the keg. This is needed for the keg tap to actually be able to pump out the beer. Some people choose to stick to a simple hand pump, while other will opt for the addition of a Co2 can to keep things running smooth. The hand pump is sometimes also replaced with a foot pump depending on your tastes.

Mobility with your Keg Tap Parts

If you are intending to be on the move with your keg tap it would probably be better to stick to the hand pump as this set up is far more mobile. The other thing to consider is which attachment your chosen beer keg will use. The majority of kegs will use the American D attachment but certain breweries still use the European style rig. If you can afford both then great for your but be aware that one will not work on the other so be sure you have the right set up.

Other Accessories and Keg Tap Parts

The cooling method is one of the essential keg tap parts that often get overlooked and is actual quite a simple piece of equipment. The standard cooling method for kegs is a large bucket filled with ice. This is all well and goo assuming that your keg is staying in one place, so to make things more mobile you could try an insulated keg jacket. For more permanent fixtures you could try a built in keg cooling system which works much like a refrigerator, some companies even offer conversion kits to convert a stock refrigerator into a keg fridge.

Finding the Best Prices for Keg Tap Parts

There are a few different companies that offer different sets of keg tap parts either as complete sets or as individual parts. An American D eight inch hand pump goes for around $40 at the Beverage Factory and gives you everything you need to get started. The last part to remember as well as you cooling is some cleaning agents to make sure that your keg tap parts stay clean and pump out fresh, cold beer for a long time to come.

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