Commercial Faucets Parts

In the commercial sector there is often a call for faucets that are hard wearing and ready to stand up to constant use. Take for example a hospital that requires its staff to wash their hands on a regular basis or a restaurant that has a very busy kitchen; a standard tap may wear down quickly under these conditions. You can even go further into commercial applications for faucets, how about the public restrooms, or even the kitchen in an office building, they all need to be built tougher than most. Even so, commercial faucets parts do on occasion wear down and require replacing so finding the correct parts is imperative.

The Long List of Commercial Faucets Parts

The parts that make up a commercial faucet are no different to those that make up a domestic tap, apart from say the electrical automated taps. The problem is finding the correct parts to replace anything that is broken. Commercial faucet manufacturers have a wide range of taps and each normally has some unique part to it. So even though there may be a range of taps that use the same tap cartridge, the handles or spout may be completely unique.

Calling in a Professional

Commercial faucets parts are normally available through the supplier that originally sold the tap to you. They will normally have a back supply of all manner of spare parts for you to choose from. It is also not unusual to be able to buy certain parts in bulk from a commercial faucets part supplier. Take something like an o ring which is used to seal the base of the tap. These can become worn quite easily so having some on hand to replace them is always going to be a good idea.

What Type of Faucet is it?

Commercial faucets come in various designs, from the very basic to the very complicated. Below are some examples of what would be considered a commercial faucet and therefore require commercial faucets parts to repair them:

  • Hospital faucets designed for hands free use
  • Heavy duty kitchen faucets
  • Automatic restroom faucets
  • Communal area water dispensers

While this list is very basic it does give you some indication of the far reaching applications of commercial faucets.  It is a sure thing that you will come across a commercial faucet at least once in your day to day life.

Tracking down Spare Parts

If you cannot seem to find the manufacturer of your commercial faucet then it may be time to get your hands dirty. As mentioned the most common parts to break on a tap are the o ring and the cartridge, both of which will need the tap to be dismantled to get at them. Once you have the parts removed it is time to start searching for a replacement. Commercial faucets parts are an essential extra to have around when you are in an industrial situation, the last thing you want is for an important tap to be left broken while you are searching for the correct parts.

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