Shower Tap Parts

There comes a time when some parts of your home will feel slightly outdated. There is always the option of undergoing a complete overhaul to revamp the look of your home but for some that is simply a step too far and reaches well outside of their budget. The simpler way to look at things is a few small changes that can easily change the entire look of a room. Your bathroom for example could easily be updated with a new set of taps. Shower tap parts are fairly easy to come by and some manufacturers have masses of styles to choose from.

Changing the Look of a Room

There are many different shower tap parts that you can change to give your bathroom an updated look. These could include:

  • Shower head
  • Tap heads
  • Drainage covers

Each of these items will have a massive effect on the overall look of your bathroom while costing little, and being extremely easy to change. Cost wise there are those products that run into the hundreds of dollars, but some complete sets start from as little as $128 meaning a new look bathroom is not that expensive to achieve.

Looking For Suppliers

When it comes to finding shower tap parts you will find that each has its own set of styles and finishes. Moen for example have a huge range of different shower tap parts to suit almost any taste or budget. With models like the Brantford for example that features smooth simplistic styling while offering all the functionality of a single tap shower, making the temperature and volume of the water flow is easily controlled. The product retails at about $156 for a chrome finish, with prices going up for more contemporary finishes and connections to about $241.

Replacing Old Parts Easily

If one the other hand you are happy with the shower that you have but simply want to replace some shower tap parts you will be glad to know that it is fairly easy to do. Dripping showers would normally be caused by a faulty cartridge, which is easily replaced. The tap cartridge is found under the main tap of your shower and is removed quite simply with a screwdriver. Once you have the existing cartridge out it would be wise to contact either the supplier of your current tap or take a trip down to the local hardware store. Cartridge prices start at around $15 for the more basic models.

Turning off the Water Mains

You should always remember to turn of the mains water supply before attempting to fit any new shower tap parts as the last thing you want to do is flood your home. Once the mains is off your will be free to work on your shower without any hindrance of excess water. Once you think the job is complete simply make sure everything is tight and then switch the mains back on. If it all seems a little too much, ask a friend to give you a hand or alternatively call the local plumber.

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