Tap Parts Equipment

Tap parts equipment can be found online or through local hardware stores and they make it easy to ensure that every faucet within your home is running smoothly. If you should find a leaky tap in your home, fixing it should be your first priority since these leaks are often an indication of a problem within the faucet and they rarely go away by themselves. When a problem arises with the faucets in your home, the only way to resolve the problem is to ensure that you have the correct parts, open the faucet up and replace the faulty part.

The Types of Tap Parts Equipment

Tap Parts Equipment can be divided into the items that make up the interior of the faucet and those that make up the exterior of the faucet. The interior items include:

  • Seating Valves
  • Tap Washers
  • Tap Cartridges

The exterior components of the tap include items such as the tap indicators and the faucet handles. All of these components work together to ensure that the tap is able to function properly and seal off the water once the tap is closed. If one of these components is not working properly, you might find that your tap begins to leak. When this happens, there are a few simply measures that you can take to ensure that you resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Problems with Tap Washers and Cartridges

Tap washers and cartridges both work to seal off the water once the tap is off. When these items are faulty, the water will be able to get through even when the tap is off and this is when it starts to leak. In order to resolve this problem, you need to ensure that your cartridges and washers are in good condition by purchasing tap parts equipment when the times comes for these items to be replaced.

Inspecting Cartridges and Washers

In order to inspect your cartridges and washers, you will need to open your tap up so that you can see the tap parts equipment located within it. You should always start this process by turning off the water mains and plugging your sink up. Once this has been done, you can dismantling your faucet and begin inspecting the inner components. Any broken or faulty parts will need to be replaced immediately.

Purchasing Cartridges and Washers

In order to replace the faulty item within your tap, you will need to find out whether it makes use of a cartridge or washer. Older taps generally make use of washers while cartridges have become the preferred choice in newer homes. You can purchase a set of 4 washers from B&Q for about $1.29 or a tap cartridge from Faucet Parts Plus for about $22.99. These items are made to last and you can be assured that once you replace these items, you will not have to do so again for a few years.

It is important to remember that cartridges last longer than washers and so you might find that you need to replace washers more often than cartridges. If your tap works with washers, it might be worth the time and money to replace your faucet in order to install a cartridge.

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