Replacement Tap Parts

Sometimes there are things that simply wear out around the home. A tap for example has many parts that can become worn or broken. It is good to know then that replacement tap parts are easy to come by and can be bought at many local retailers and online stores. The hardest part about buying replacement tap parts is first establishing which part needs replacing, and then finding the suitable replacement. Many manufacturers use their own brand of internal parts so some taps may be harder to fix than others.

Identifying the Problem Part

The main parts of a tap that can fail would be:

  • A washer
  • The tap cartridge
  • An ‘O’ ring

These replacement tap parts are all pretty easy to find in your tap and only require a few tools to get in there. The first thing to do before commencing any work on your taps is to ensure that the mains water supply is turned off. Failing to do so could cause a massive leak and in turn water damage to your home. Once the mains are switched off you are ready to begin working on replacing the broken parts of your tap.

Removing the Problem Parts

For the most part, your will not need to remove the faucet from the sink to find out which parts need replacing. Removing the tap handle is a quick and easy job (normally just a single retaining screw) and will expose the cartridge and an ‘O’ ring underneath. If the ‘O’ ring looks misshapen or broken this would most likely be the cause of your problems. If on the other hand it appears fine you should move on to removing the tap cartridge. You should be able to simple pull it out, though you may need some pliers and lubricant if it has been there a while.

Finding the Correct Replacement Tap Parts

From here finding the replacement tap parts should be pretty easy. If you know the brand of your taps your search criteria will be pretty limited, otherwise do your best to visually match potential new parts. Faucet Direct has a great selection of spare parts for a whole host of major tap manufacturers. These include American Standard Parts, Delta Parts, Grohe Parts, Kohler Parts, Moen Parts, Pfister Parts, and Sloan Parts to name but a few. Their prices are also pretty reasonable.

Paying the Price for Replacement Tap Parts

A basic American Standard seal replacement kit for example retails at $8 while a replacement cartridge comes in at around $19.50. Both of these prices are reasonable for replacement tap parts and it would be quite a challenge to find them cheaper anywhere else. This is just an example of course; you may find that certain brands are a little cheaper for replacement parts, while others could charge a lot more. At the end of the day it will be in your best interest to use branded parts as generic brand may not function as well as they should once they are fitted.

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