Kitchen Mixer Taps

The modern kitchen would hardly be complete if not for the addition of one of the beautiful selection of kitchen mixer taps now available on the market. With almost every tap manufacturing company now holding a range of kitchen mixer taps it would be hard to not find the perfect model for your home. There are also some great features packed into some models that make them even more useful to have around. Let us take a closer look at some of the great models available on the market and what kind of features they have.

Functionality is the Name of the Game

The whole idea behind kitchen mixer taps is that they are functional as well as nice to look at. There are in fact two main types of mixer tap, a dual-flow mixer which simply mixes hot and cold water or a tri-flow mixer which can be bought with a range of additional extras. Some extra features found on tri-flow kitchen mixer taps include:

  • The addition of a purified water tap
  • An extendable rinsing head for those large sinks
  • Movable heads
  • And many others

You can see why they have become so popular in modern kitchens.

Keeping things up to date

With many homes now undergoing a makeover it is probably high time to look at remodeling the kitchen. Even a new sink and one of the many kitchen mixer taps available could change the entire look and feel of your kitchen. Companies such as BUY have tri-flow faucets starting at around $72 so cost is also not a major factor. There are of course some units that make their way into the hundreds of dollars range but these would normally be accompanied by a water filtration unit. Should you choose to spend this much on kitchen mixer taps you will be glad to hear of their benefits.

Purifying Water at Home

Tri-flow kitchen taps that have an additional water filtration system attached are a great addition to any home. Though the price tag may seem a little off putting to some you must consider the benefits of having purified water on tap before making a solid decision. Water purifiers are normally bulky machines, or large jugs that you must keep in the fridge, but by having a system installed you will have fresh, clean water on tap at all times. This process will help to eliminate sediments, germs and even heavy metals such as lead which can often be found in public water supplies.

Fitting Kitchen Mixer Taps

The actual job of fitting a mixer tap can sometimes be quite complicated, involving a set of parts that must be assembled in a certain way in order for them to work properly. If you are quite the DIY aficionado then you should be fine, but always remember to have a plumber on call should the worst ever happen to you. For those who would rather watch the grass grow than try their hand at DIY, a plumber or contractor should be able to fit your new tap for a small cost.

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