Monobloc Tap Parts

If you have a problem with a leaky sink, your first step in resolving the problem is to change the washer or cartridge within the tap itself. These items are responsible for sealing the water within the tap and when it begins to erode, it cannot seal the water off completely and this is why your tap begins to leak. Monobloc tap parts do not contain washers; instead they contain cartridges but these are just as simple to replace as washer. You will need to ensure, however, that you have the following items before you can begin replacing the cartridge within your tap:

  • Pliers (to remove the cartridge)
  • A screwdriver
  • A Cloth
  • A spare cartridge

Switching off the Water Mains

You will need to begin replacing monobloc tap parts by switching off the water mains. You can do this through the switch located outside your home (or within your garage) or switch off the water by the basin itself. Once the water has been turned off, you will need to plug up the sink so that you don’t drop any important items down the drain. Small screws and other small components will need to be detached from the tap and you won’t want to lose these items while you are working.

Unscrewing the Tap Handle and Body

Once the water has been turned off, you will need to remove the tap handle and the body in order to access the monobloc tap parts that are located within it. You will need a screwdriver in order to do this and you should begin by removing the handle itself. This screw is located just beneath the tap covers. Once the handle has been removed, you will be able to remove the tap body.

Locating the Cartridge

The cartridge is one of the most important monobloc tap parts and, when these items break, they cause a variety of problems with the tap, including a leak. You might need pliers to remove this cartridge but there are times when they simply slip out of the seating valve. Once you have removed this cartridge, you will need to replace it with a new cartridge. These can be purchased from Faucet Parts Plus for about $22.99. This item is durable due to its sturdy brass core and it should last for many years to come before it will need to be replaced once again.

Replacing the Seating Valve

There are a variety of monobloc tap parts that might be causing the leak but cartridges are the most common. Once you have replaced this item, check to see whether the tap is working again. If it is not, you might need to take the system apart again to check whether other monobloc tap parts are causing the problem or not. The seating valve, for instance, tends to become worn and eroded over time and when this part stops working properly, it causes the tap to leak. If this is the problem you will need to purchase another seating valve to ensure that the leak stops.

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