Tap Parts Prices

The tap parts prices you end up paying will usually be determined by a few factors, including:

  • The quality of the items you purchase
  • The amount you purchase
  • The retailer you purchase these items from

In order to get high quality products at affordable tap parts prices, you simply need to know where to purchase these items and when to purchase them in bulk. For items that you will be using on a more regular basis, you might get larger discounts for buying more of them and this will be worth storing them for when they become necessary.

Tap Parts Prices: Washers and Cartridges

Washers are less expensive than cartridges but they also do not last as long. The type of item you will need to purchase, whether washer or cartridge, will depend on what your tap is currently using. If you are not aware of the type of item that is used within your tap, you will need to take your tap apart in order to look into the seating valve, where these items are usually located. Most modern homes will make use of tap cartridges as these items last longer and they are more efficient.

Tap parts prices for cartridges usually start at about $22.99. You can purchase these items from manufacturers such as Faucet Parts Plus and the item comes with a core made from Brass. Although these items are more expensive than washers, it will be many years before you have to replace a tap cartridge, while washers tend to damage fairly quickly. You can purchase a set of washers from B&Q for about $1.29.

Tap Parts Prices: Tap Indicator Covers

These items are fairly small and inexpensive but they are very important if you have double sink taps installed in your home. These items are marked so that you know which tap is hot and which is cold. You can purchase a set of these for about $4.99 from Faucet Parts Plus.

Tap Parts Prices: Faucets

Faucet prices range from several dollars to hundreds of dollars and this price will usually be determined by the style of the faucet, the materials used to make it and the brand that you purchase. Quality brands are more expensive but they will ensure that your faucets last for many years and continue to look great no matter how often they are used. Many people prefer to purchase quality items instead of cheap, basic faucets, because these items enhance the look and feel of a bathroom or kitchen and they are seen as works of art just as much as they are seen as practical items.

Purchasing a Faucet from Faucet Parts Plus

You can purchase a basic shower faucet from Faucet Parts Plus for about $40.99. These items are durable, quality products that will look good in any home and you won’t have to worry about replacing these items every few months since they are made to last. If you are looking for designer faucets, you will find them through retailers such as Armitage-Shanks but these could end up costing you hundreds of dollars.

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