Kitchen Tap Spare Parts

There is nothing worse than having to suffer the irritation of a leaky tap, especially when you consider that it is a fairly easy problem to fix. Leaky taps are most commonly caused by a faulty cartridge and can be replaced quite quickly and easily. Kitchen tap spare parts are available at almost any DIY store, hardware store or even online and the changeover process is one that most people can achieve at home. All you really need is a screwdriver and pair of pliers and you are set to go.

Taking a Tap Apart

The process of taking a tap apart is usually quite simple. There are a few basic steps that cover most different tap makes and models. It is worth noting that to find out exactly which kitchen tap spare parts you need you will often have to take the tap apart first. So, the basics of taking at tap apart are:

  • Remove any cover that is over the retaining screw (this is usually the color coded part of the tap and will lift off with your fingernail or a flat screwdriver.)
  • Next unscrew the retaining screw (this is usually a star or Phillips screw driver)
  • Once the screw is removed you should be able to lift the handle off of the tap.
  • What you now have in front of your is the exposed tap cartridge. To remove it you may need the pliers and a little lubricant but one good pull should do the trick.

Identifying your Kitchen Tap Spare Parts

Other than the obvious visual aid of now having your cartridge in your hand, there should also be some kind of identification stamp. This may be a serial number, a part number or even just the manufacturer’s name, but any and all of this information can be handy when looking for the correct kitchen tap spare parts.  Using this information you can start to search online stores, or take the part with you to your local plumbing or hardware store.

Identifying Other Problems

There may of course be something completely different wrong with your kitchen tap. The cartridge is the most likely cause of a problem but if you are either uncomfortable doing the job or feel it may be something else it could be worth calling a repair man or plumber to assist you. Both will normally have a range of kitchen tap spare parts on hand so the problem can be fixed quickly, or failing that they will be able to tell you where to buy them.

Clean, Running Water

The aim of all of this is of course to give you a kitchen tap that works as it should and only when you want it to. A leaky tap is a quick and easy fix and can be accomplished by most people with the most basic of tools. The only complicated part is ensuring that you have bought the correct kitchen tap spare parts. Other than that it should be plain sailing.

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