Damixa Tap Parts

Damixa tap parts can be purchased from Damixa, a Danish tap company founded in 1932 in Odense. This company started out my making kitchen appliances and moved onto tap parts after a few years of being established. They are now one of the most popular tap part companies in the world and they continue to astound customers with their stylish and unique designs.

Damixa Tap Parts Win Awards

Damixa tap parts have won a variety of design awards over the years, including the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Product Design Award. This company was awarded the Red Dot Design Award for the following products:

  • The Arc
  • The G-Type
  • The Merkur
  • The Clover Basin Mixer

Features and Damixa Tap Parts

Every tap in the Damixa range comes with unique features that make them efficient and helpful in the kitchen or bathroom. These features differ from one product to the next and it is up to you to look for the features that you prefer on each product. When searching through the products, you will be able to tell which features are included in these products by looking for the symbols of the features located on the packaging of the products or next to the pictures within the catalogues.  

The Water-Saving Feature on Damixa Tap Parts

The water saving feature is activated by adjusting a very small screw on the cartridge of the tap. When this screw is adjusted, you will be using about 25 to 30% less water than you usually would, making it great for saving on your monthly water bills and helping the environment at the same time. The great thing about this feature is the fact that you can activate and deactivate it whenever you feel like it.

The Pull-Out Feature

This feature allows you to pull the spray head about 60cm from its position on the tap. This feature makes it easy to clean the basin or the dishes because you will not have to struggle to have the water reach items within the basin.

The High Flow Feature

This feature allows 40 liters of water through the tap per minute and this means you can fill a bathtub within a few minutes. This high flow feature adds to your comfort and it is especially great for people who do not have the time to wait for their bathtubs to fill each morning or every night.

The Anti-Scalding Feature

If you have little ones, you might worry about them opening a tap and getting burned by the hot water. This anti-scalding feature will ensure that this doesn’t happen and it is activated at 38 degrees Celsius.

Damixa Tap Parts: Making Life Simpler

If you are looking for a tap that will work for you and make your life easier, there is no better option than Damixa. Whether you want to take measures to protect the environment or your little ones, the features that are available on these items will assist you in doing so.

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