Repairing Tap Parts

A leaky tap is something that can cause you sleepless nights but many people wait for months before they do something about it. Calling in a professional is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you have a problem with a leaky tap but you can fix it yourself within a few minutes and save yourself the cost of a professional. Repairing tap parts is simple enough but you will need to know exactly what type of tap you are dealing with and purchase the right tools and replacement parts before you get down to business.

Purchasing the Right Equipment

In order to begin repairing tap parts, you will need to purchase the right tools and the correct replacement parts. You will also need to be aware of the type of tap you have within your home in order to buy the right replacement parts. Older homes usually make use of washers within their taps while newer homes use cartridges to work their taps. You can find out which one you have by dissembling your tap but you will first need to switch off the water.

The following tools need to be purchased in order to begin repairing tap parts:

  • A Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • A wrench
  • Replacement cartridge or washer

You can purchase a washerless cartridge from Faucet Stems for about $6.52. this item is about 1 ½ inches long and it works for both hot and cold taps.

Switching off the Water Mains

Before you can begin repairing tap parts, you will need to switch off the water in your home. You can do this by switching off the water at the fixture itself or simply turning off the water from the outside mains.

Finding the Problem

Taps usually drip because the washer or cartridge needs to be replaced and so it won’t help tightening the tap in the event that you have a leak; you will need to open up the entire system in order to replace these parts. If you find that the cartridge looks worn or the washer is cracked and broken, you will need to replace these parts in order to have the system working again.

Installing the Washer or Cartridge

Repairing tap parts begins by disassembling the tap itself and you can do this with the screwdriver. Once you have gained access to the inside of this system you will see the cartridge or washer within the stem of the fixture. You might need pliers to slip the cartridge out of place. It might be best to take the old cartridge along with you to the hardware store so that you can be assured you are going to get the right cartridge to replace it.

Putting the System back together

Once you have replaced the cartridge or washer you will need to put all of the tap parts back together. During this stage, it is very important to ensure that you place all of the parts in the correct locations.

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